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My BtVS Fanfiction
The Choice   
This is a W/A story that takes place after Becoming.  Angel is out of hell, and Willow has a difficult choice to make. 

(complete, but some think it needs a sequel)

Cookie Cutters    
A slightly darker W/S story that takes place after 'Something Blue'.  To ease her guilt, Willow does extra Spike-sitting duties, and Spike sees this as an opportunity for escape.  However, Willow sees through this and turns the tables on the vampire.

(Updated 2/28/02) 

Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4,?

Take Your Time 
This is a VERY long story that was written in response to a challenge for a story in which Willow goes back in time and meets Angel before he was turned.  The twist is that it's all Spike's idea. 
(W/Aus  and/or W/S) 

PG - 13

It's About Time 
PG - 13
(sequel to 'Take Your Time')
(Updated 06/03/06!)
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