RATING:  PG-13 overall for mild language, sexual situations.  There is one NC-17 chapter, but I have also done a PG-13 version of it.

DISCLAIMER:  Most characters are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

SPOILERS:  Becoming I & II.  The rest I'm making up as I go along.

This is in answer to Jessica Nasca's challenge for a fic where Willow goes back in time and meets Angelus before he was vamped.   Please keep in mind that this was started right after the episode 'Becoming'.  At that time, Joss had told us that Spike was turned in the early 1800s by Angelus in episodes such as 'School Hard' and 'Becoming'.  He later messed with this, but I'm sticking with his first idea.  So, Angel is Spike's sire, not Drusilla, and he was sired before Drusilla, not after.

Big thanks to all the different and superb betas I used during the 2 years it has taken me to write this:  Tracy, Assantra, Dani, Jessica, Lore, Renee, JR, and Jonquil for all of their tremendous patience, help, and comments; and to Nate for being a great friend and an inspiration and Melissa for being very free with her thoughts, no matter how insane they were, and her always ready pom-poms.

Please keep in mind that I don't claim to be a historian.  I try to get the basics right, but I'm sure you can find quite a few anachronisms if you try.  Please don't try.  Besides, if I spent any more time researching, this would have taken 5 years to write instead of 2.  Please be gentle.  It's just a story.

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